Aug 26, 2009

Monitor Contains a Black Border

I purchased a new monitor today and when I plugged it in and turned on my computer the video contained an ugly black border. Turns out the problem is because my video card has an HDTV setting that needed to be turned off under the video card software control panel. I was able to fix the problem by enabling SLI on my dual video cards.

SVN Cheat Sheet

Add add a file/directory:
svn add file1

svn up

svn commit -m "Message goes here"

Revert a file to a specific revision:
svn up
-r12345 file1 file2 file3

Aug 24, 2009

Aug 13, 2009

Vista Save Window size and location

I have found it very annoying that when you close and reopen windows explorer (along with other windows) in Vista it does not save the size and location of the window. If you hold the shift button down when you close the window it will save the size and location of the window for the next time you open it.