Sep 17, 2009

Windows wants to format when connecting PSP

I went out and bought a new large memory stick for my PSP. When I tried to connect my PSP to my PC then access the files on the new removable drive it said that the drive was not formatted. 1st of all it wanted to format it in FAT32 with a size that was too small for what the stick was supposed to be (3.4GB rather than 7.6 GB). This was my first flag.

Then I found an article about using the PSP to format any new memory stick. I do highly recommend this. However it did not solve my issue. After formatting the new stick via the PSP, windows still couldn't recognize it.

So I continued searching and got nowhere. I even downloaded the Sony Media Go application. This application would not work with my new memory stick either. It did however work with my old one. I decided to update my PSP system software to the latest version (at this time it is v6.00). This is what got me working. After I upgraded I was able to connect and browse through windows just as I expected.

If you need help on how to upgrade the PSP system software please see:
Instructions for different ways of updating are in the menu on the left hand side.

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